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The FILTERSORB SP3 Water Softening Technology uses Nucleation Assisted Crystallization to transform hard calcite scale in the water into soft aragonite crystals to prevent the formation of scale and improve the taste of the water you drink.

FILTERSORB SP3 consists of tiny ceramic beads that are coated with 2 layers of negatively-charged silica. When the beads come into contact with water, they convert calcium
bicarbonate – Ca(HCO3)2 – into harmless calcium carbonate crystals – CaCO3. The conversion process takes less than 3 seconds.

FILTERSORB SP3 doesn’t add up any sodium in the water like the conventional softener. It is a true replacement for the conventional sodium based water softeners, ion-exchange resins and other chemicals.

Over 250,000 water purification devices equipped with FILTERSORB SP3 have been sold worldwide, and counting.


Katalox-Light® is the advanced catalytic filtration media specifically effective for Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide removal. This light weight media has high gamma MnO2 surface coating (10%) and large surface area, thus greatly reduces the backwash water needed.

The advanced applications of Katalox-Light® include fracking, industrial wastewater, cooling tower re-circulation and reverse osmosis pre-treatment.

Numerous studies have concluded that Katalox-Light® is an effective adsorbent for the removal of

♦ Iron 
♦ Manganese 
♦ Arsenic
♦ Hydrogen Sulfide
♦ Uranium, Radium
♦ Heavy Metals
♦ Radionuclide

All drinking water standards for pathogenic micro-organisms and turbidity are easily met with the natural, low-cost Katalox-Light® rather than sand as Katalox-Light® filters down to 3 microns.


Adsorption is the process by which a solid holds molecules of a gas or liquid as a thin film. Our CATALYTIC CARBON media is made of activated coconut shell carbon using catalyzed iron-hydroxide for effective adsorption of contaminants.

CATALYTIC CARBON is made with 10% Feroxyhyte (FeOOH) coated granular activated carbon. It has extremely large surface area ranging from 2000m2/g to 2500m2/g, which increases the catalytic activity per unit weight.

Unlike most of the activated carbon in the market, CATALYTIC CARBON can be easily regenerated using Instant-Pro Chemicals INSTANT OXYDES®-PIt has the highest oxidation and adsorption pores inside as well as outside the media.

• Mechanical filtration of fine particles, total suspended solids and turbidity down to 1 micron.
• Adsorption of organic contaminants.
• Adsorption of inorganic contaminants such as arsenic, heavy metals and radionuclides.


The RED-OXY® oxidant is a strong acid halogen which generates a high voltage of oxidant without any disinfection by-products. This is the most stable form of Ferrate (VI) as it is generated with Ferric Hexahydrate granules.

We are also the first to introduce a revolutionary on-site oxidant generator with the capacity to clean over 32 trillion litres of water everyday.

This is the safer, more economical and absolutely more effective method to decontaminate and disinfect water without any hazardous by-products. Suitable for all kinds of industries.


One of the Instant Pro Dosing Chemicals from Watch Water is INSTANT OXYDES®-P. It is a powerful oxidizer for microbiological oxidation and useful for the cleaning or regeneration of the filtration media.

Oxidation reaction promoted by INSTANT OXYDES®-P has several advantageous characteristics.

A new methodology of Green Chemistry that has several Advantages over the Salt Generator. Inexpensive reagents and the use of H2O as a sole solvent, reaction at the room temperature (not higher than 90°C) and short reaction time to kill any microbiological contamination via Electrochemical reaction.

INSTANT OXYDES®-P reacts with added sodium chloride (NaCl) salts to create chlorine, a very strong Sanitizer that removes any additional contaminants found in water.


TRILITE is the global leading manufacturer of premium Uniform Particle Size (UPS) ion exchange resins. Trilite was the result of an technological alliance between Samyang Corp. and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation of Japan, and used to share DIAION brand in Korean domestic market before 2006.

TRILITE UPS ion exchange resins are renowned in the industry for its consistent uniformity coefficient (under 1.1), which is directly related to high performance. TRILITE UPS ion exchange resins are manufactured under the strict quality control to ensure optimized size of the resins, enabling extremely even reactions. UPS resins give an extremely even exhaustion front of resins in the vessel, hence the operating capacity is enhanced. Also, it has outstanding mechanical and chemical stability, leading to remarkably low crush rate even after long-term use.

TRILITE UPS ion exchange resins has adopted state-of-the-art droplet generating technology for polymerization, differentiated from the prevailing mechanical sieving of polymers and conventional polymerization technology.

TRILITE UPS ion exchange resins have been widely used in different applications such as water softening, power plant condensation system, ultrapure water polishing, brine purification, chelating heavy metal removal and etc.



Since founded in 1983, Chi Shun Machinery Plant Co. Ltd. has devoted to the professional manufacturing of sludge and wastewater treatment. For breakthrough in high quality, efficiency and good shape of wastewater treatment; the newest skills from Germany were adopted to create new belt filter presses.

Chi Shun Machinery Plant Co. Ltd. is currently the  leading manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems throughout Asia, offering equipment, systems and services throughout the world.

Belt Press

Filter Press

Mechanical Bar Screen

Polymer Preparation System


The Ultrafiltration membrane developed by ITRI has low energy consumption, large water flux and high rejection rate. Even  without the use of electricity and only relies  on gravitational force (under a height difference of 5 meters), it can still produce water flux greater than 1000 LMH.

The ultrafiltration membrane is made out of hydrophilic PVDF material which is non-adhesive, easy to  clean, reusable and chemical resistance. It also reduces inlet water turbidity from ten thousands NTU to less than 0.1 NTU.

ITRI’s ultrafiltration technology has the characteristics of low operation pressure, high permeability and anti-fouling ability. Through membrane product development and field system verification, UF membrane material and a module system featuring high efficiency and long-term stability were developed.

Without power supply, the system is capable of producing 300 litres of water per hour processed by its ultrafiltration membrane and activated carbon module, and has been used in various projects including residential water systems for hundreds of households.