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Created to fight water pollution

Watch Water is a Singapore brand founded in 2015 by Ms. Ivy Heng who came out of early retirement when she realized there is still a lot she can do to make the world a better place. According to Ivy, it is a shame that 2.1 billion people still have no access to clean water, based on a UNESCO report. That is why Watch Water, with its strategic partner, Watch Water GmbH, is bringing ultra-advanced German Water Treatment Solutions to Asia. We watch your water to make sure it is safe and clean 24/7.

Created to chase a big dream

Watch Water’s Vision is to create A World With Safe & Secure Water because every living thing – humans, animals and plants – need this basic necessity to survive. We know this is an ambitious Vision but we will work towards it all day, every day.

Created to be the best of the best

We don’t believe in doing anything half-heartedly. If something is worth doing, we want to do it right, and we want to do it big. That is why our Mission is focused on:

  • Delivering the most effective industrial, commercial and residential water treatment solutions for the price.
  • Adopting the best-in-class processes to design, develop and deploy water treatment solutions.
  • Teaming up with people and strategic partners who are able to help us deliver our brand promises.

Created to walk with you

Having clean and safe water at home, at work and everywhere in between is just as important to us as it is to you. That is why we work so hard to make sure that every piece of hardware and software in our industrial, commercial and residential water solutions is the best. Furthermore, all of us at Watch Water in 45 countries around the world use our own products daily.


The category

The category describes the space that we operate in and it also defines the space that we will do our level best to become the best of the best in.

Our Category is: German Water Treatment Solutions

 The Vision

 The Vision statement describes the kind of future that we want the brand to create. This is an ambitious Vision but we believe that it is one worth chasing because the realization of this Vision will result in tremendous Triple Bottomline benefits to Profits, People and Planet.
Our Vision Is: A World With Safe & Secure Water


To realize our ambitious Vision, we are resolutely focused on carrying out our Mission which revolves around the 3Ps below:


We provide the most effective industrial, commercial and residential water treatment solutions for the price.


We adopt best-in-class processes to design, develop and deploy water treatment solutions.


We team up with people and strategic partners who are able to help us deliver our brand promise.


The Brand Values form the guiding principles behind everything that we do, and these are the values all of us at Watch Water embrace and practice every day.

Our Brand Values are:

Think Inside The Box

This means that we stick to what we know, and we do what we are best at. We don’t try to do things we are not good at.

Look Outside The Box

We look to the outside for products, processes, partners that complement our strengths and mitigate our weaknesses.

Make A Much Better Box

We will ultimately make a better box – meaning we will create better products and solutions for the markets we serve.


Most brands exist to battle each other. Most brands see each other as the Enemy. We don’t see our competitors as enemies because we exist to fight something far more dangerous.

Our Real Enemy is:  Water Pollution.


We bring multiple benefits to all our stakeholders but the Value Proposition describes The No. 1 Benefit of working with Watch Water. Our Value Proposition is:  We Watch Your Water & Keep It Safe.


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Ivy Heng                                           
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ivy Heng is the Founder and CEO of Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd, a Singapore water treatment company that is dedicated to bring a revolutionary change to preserve a healthy Earth. Before that, Ivy owned a successful fashion retail business where she personally managed and designed all its products. She sold all 6 of her retail shop at the age of 40 to retire but she got restless and took on a part-time Area GM job at Nefful Singapore, a negative ion clothing company. Through Nefful, Ivy helped countless families to have better health and a better life in and outside of Singapore. During her retirement, Ivy had an ephiphany and found a new mission in life. With her big heart and mind she has dedicated herself to help mankind and the environment  by taking care of the drinking water and transforming dirty water to become safe and healthy water. This is the reason she established Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd through a long-term strategic partnership with Watch Water Germany which is widely-regarded as a top water treatment innovator.

Mr. Kelvin Chen                                       
Co-Founder and Technical Director

Mr. Kelvin Chen is the co-founder and technical director of Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd. He is trained as an engineer in Taiwan and has over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing water treatment solutions for both public and private sector clients. 

Kelvin believes that many of the world’s challenges have solutions that can be found in engineering and that is why he has devoted his life to creating solutions that allow his clients to bring clean and safe water to the masses in the most cost-effective manner. As technical director of Watch Water, he has put together an arsenal of water treatment solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Kelvin focuses more on the company’s industrial water treatment business because that is far more complicated and each project is very different in terms of objectives, outcomes and technical requirements. That is why Kelvin has a very hands-on approach to each industrial water treatment project.

Ms. Alice Ang                                   
General Manager

Ms. Alice Ang is the General Manager of Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd. She has over 20 years of experience in ST Engineering, one of Singapore’s most prominent engineering companies. Alice joined Watch Water because she was attracted by the company’s mission to transform dirty water to become safe and healthy water for everyone to access. Alice is an energetic individual who is constantly looking to learn and improve her knowledge so that she can be a blessing to those within her circle of influence. As General Manager of Watch Water, she takes care of every minute operational detail to ensure that the company runs like clockwork. She makes it a point to know what is going on in the company so that she can determine if there are things she could do to make her colleagues’ jobs more productive. Alice believes that knowledge is power and that in order for a company to stay ahead of the competition curve, it has to keep learning and applying what it has learned.