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Adsorption Series

Heavy Metal, Colour Dye, Contaminants Adsorber

Catalytic Carbon

CATALYTIC CARBON is made with 10% Feroxyhyte (FeOOH) coated granular activated carbon. It has extremely large surface area ranging from 2000m2/g to 2500m2/g.


Unlike most of the activated carbon in the market, CATALYTIC CARBON can be easily regenerated on-site using 2.5% concentration Instant-Pro Chemicals OXYDES®-P. 

CATALYTIC CARBON MG is a variant of CATALYTIC CARBON which is coated with a cationic surface modification . It can adsorb and remove non-degradable fluorine-containing-compounds up to 97%.


CATALYTIC CARBON is also great to use as final polisher in the later stage of wastewater reclamation process to reduce COD and contaminants with the combination of Katalox-Light®.


Innovative Silica Removal

Silicatrapp by Watch Water is an innovative process which allows to significantly reduce the concentration of reactive and colloidal silica. Depending of the water chemistry this process can remove up to 70% of the total silica content.

The Silicatrapp process consists of two steps:

First Step

Preconditioning of the water with Trappsorb


Second Step

Filtration with Crystolite

Silica Removal

Pure Beads Adsorber

Trappsorb is the purest magnesium oxide form available in the water treatment industry and it is 99.99% pure MgO + CaO free-flowing uniform beads.


Due to the unique manufacturing process giving its uniformity and macroscope pores, it can adsorb silica, phosphates, ammonia molecules and precipitate heavy metals that can be filtered out follow by ZEOSORB®  or Crystolite™  effectively.

Pure Beads Adsorber
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