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All commercial establishments require clean, safe and healthy water. Besides being able to filter the water properly, commercial customers also have to worry about one of the biggest enemies in any water system, and that is scale build-up which can result in expensive repairs. Therefore, it is very important to have a system that is effective, robust, anti-scale and relatively low-cost.


WFDefender Water Filtration Systems

The Power of Magnesium

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Dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water can lead to scale formation over time. The presence of scale reduces the efficiency and lifespan of the system. 


WFDefender water filters series are developed specifically for the commercial eateries user such as restaurant or café or coffee lover in home. It does not only filter impurities out of the water but it also transform hard calcite scale in the water into soft aragonite crystals to prevent the formation of scale in the coffee machine or other equipment, adds beneficial magnesium (Mg2+); and makes the water alkaline, which are all great for making wonderful-tasting coffee.

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Watch Water had the opportunity to collaborate with Kim San Leng coffee shop chain to provide healthy mineral beverages with calcium and magnesium.

Studies have shown these minerals to be beneficial for our bones and muscle.

According to Specialty Coffee Association, magnesium and calcium help to extract flavour from coffee beans and tea leaves. Having both minerals in the water would enhance the taste of many beverages, such as coffee and tea.

In the near future, Watch Water aims to supply affordable healthy mineral water through more F&B outlets, including cafes and coffee shops, to Singaporeans across the island.

Our Defenders

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