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Water is Life
Drink it Right

German Technology Mineral Water Filter System


German Technology

NSF 42 & 61 Certified

Rich in calcium and magnesium minerals


Scale Prevention


Space saving

Watch Water Special Filter SP520 is superior to any other carbon filters which just remove bad taste and odor but do not prevent scaling. The Special Filter is also superior to ion exchange systems which remove all the good minerals and replace them with sodium and hydrogen ions which are harmful.

This water filter is also certified by NSF International, an independent global health organisation with NSF 61 certification being the highest credition in the world. You can be sure to  be drinking the water without any nasties. And unlike other water filters, this one doesn’t run on any electricity, so you won’t have to worry about an inflated utility bill and can still have access to clean water during a power outage! Recommended for families, this water filter requires a change once a year with servicing on site.


Compact and Sleek

Watch Water Special Filter SP520 is slim, and does not require much space under your sinks. 

Get your SP520 water filter system at special price of $699. Free installation, free delivery. Yearly Maintenance Required.

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