Surface/Ground Water Filtration

Catalytic Micro Filtration

Katalox-Light® is the advanced catalytic filtration media specifically effective for iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide removal. The unique gamma MnO₂ surface coating (10%) of Katalox-Light® enables it to oxidize and remove iron and manganese effectively without the dosing of chemical hypo oxidizer.


Katalox-Light® can also work in wide range of pH environment without the need of pH adjustment. It shows good performance too even without the continuous regeneration (CR) nor intermediate regeneration (IR). These all-in-one properties greatly reduces the operating cost for user.


The Absolute Replacement of Sand Media

ZEOSORB® has been introduced to the process purification of drinking water and wastewater due to its large specific surface area and the selective adsorption of substances, such as ammonia, dissolved organic matter and many other cations.


Moreover, ZEOSORB® has advantageous hydraulic properties, that is the filtration capacity of large quantities of water. Compared with other adsorbents, ZEOSORB® is more stable, has better filter features, accessible and relatively cheaper.


Microfiltration Media

A unique industrial water and wastewater treatment filtration solution for microfiltration. Crystolite™ filtration media is very robust, long life, back washable filter media which can filter down to 0.5 micron. 

Crystolite™ filtration media is an excellent alternative to all microfiltration membranes and used as the pretreatment of RO and RO reclaim.


Low-Pressure Ultrafiltration Drinking System

The UF membrane developed has the capabilities to filter impurities down to 0.03 micron with low-pressure. Made out of hydrophilic PVDF material, it reduces turbidity from 10,000 NTU to below 0.1 NTU.


It is suitable for rural area household community to treat the surface or ground water nearby to get the clean drinking water directly as it can work without electricity power or just rely on gravity. It can also be used as emergency clean drinking water supply during disaster relief.