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Management Team

Dr Ivy Heng     

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ivy Heng's passion for creating a world with safe and secure water led her to establish Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd. Despite retiring at the age of 40 in 2009, she came out of retirement to pursue her dream of providing clean and safe water to communities. Driven by a desire to help better society and communities, Dr. Ivy's efforts with Watch Water have made a significant impact.

In founding Watch Water, Dr. Ivy Heng aimed to build a team of professionals who share her vision of providing clean and safe water to communities around the world. She believes in creating a platform for capable individuals to shine and lead the charge towards achieving sustainable development goals. Dr. Ivy also believes strongly in the value of lifelong learning and makes time amidst her busy schedule to read books and attend courses regularly.

Dr. Ivy Heng's efforts with Watch Water are crucial in addressing the issue of clean water access and promoting sustainable development. Her dedication to improving society and communities is commendable, and her passion for creating a better world through clean water initiatives is inspiring.

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Mr. Kelvin Chen   

Co-Founder and Technical Director

Kelvin Chen, the co-founder and technical director of Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd, is a highly experienced engineer with a passion for developing water treatment solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Kelvin has dedicated his career to creating effective and affordable solutions that provide clean and safe water to communities around the world.

As a co-founder of Watch Water, Kelvin plays a crucial role in the development and implementation of water treatment solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. With a focus on industrial water treatment, Kelvin takes a hands-on approach to each project, working closely with clients to meet their specific objectives and technical requirements.

Kelvin believes that engineering holds the key to solving many of the world's challenges, including those related to water access and sanitation. Through his work at Watch Water, Kelvin is making a significant impact on communities worldwide by developing and implementing water treatment solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable.

Mr. Kenny Lim

Kenny is a dynamic and strategic leader with a track record of success in planning and executing strategies. He is skilled in collaborating with upstream and downstream stakeholders to achieve common goals. As a leader of millennials, Kenny brings a positive mindset, contagious enthusiasm, and strong leadership qualities to the table. He has a proven ability to energize others with a vision of the future, and his strategic approach to leading teams and solving problems has consistently yielded positive results.


Kenny is also known for his ability to withstand hardship, adversity, and stress, and for his inner compass that gives him the certainty to make sound decisions. He has a natural ability to coordinate people and resources for maximum effectiveness, turning ideas into action and making them happen. With a keen ability to focus, prioritize, set goals, and work efficiently, Kenny is able to envision the team and turn aspirations into reality.

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