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Membrane Technology

KOCH Separation Solution under KOCH Industries is one of the largest industrial company in the world. KOCH is one of the pioneer in the membrane industry as it started to commercialize UF and RO membrane system since year 1970.

KOCH Separation Solution offers a wide range of UF, NF, MBR and RO membrane that suits many industry applications such as textile, F&B, pulp & paper, pharmaceuticals etc.



PURON® MBR patented module features reinforced PVDF hollow fibers that are fixed only at the bottom, virtually eliminating the clogging buildup of hair, fibrous materials and sludge solids. 


The aeration nozzle is centered in the fiber bundle to scour the entire fiber length, minimizing power consumption.


PURON® MP Cartridge

PURON MP pressurized hollow fiber ultrafiltration provide a cost-effective solution for a variety of water and wastewater treatment applications. 


The system’s high flux and solids tolerance properties eliminate the need for costly pretreatment and chemical cleans while producing high-quality effluent.



Developed for the most demanding water treatment environments, FLUID SYSTEMS®  RO series is equipped for complex applications including seawater desalination, beverage production, water softening for power generation, and industries where high-rejection purification is required.


Its thermally induced phase separation(TIPS) manufacturing method makes it to have high durability and longer lifetime than others.


Temperature and pH Tolerant - SELRO® & Causti-COR  

SELRO NF membranes are made to handle extreme acid and caustic conditions, and temperatures up to 70°C. 


Causti-COR systems use the SELRO membranes for acid and caustic recovery in various industries, including pulp, paper, textiles, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages and more. Causti-COR systems produce high-quality effluent while fostering environmental sustainability, saving significant chemical costs, and reducing wastewater volumes.

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