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Watch Water Special Filter SP520 is superior to any other carbon filters which just remove bad taste and odor but do not prevent scaling. The Special Filter is also superior to ion exchange systems which remove all the good minerals and replace them with sodium and hydrogen ions which are harmful.

This water filter is also certified by NSF International, an independent global health organisation with NSF 61 certification being the highest credition in the world. You can be sure to  be drinking the water without any nasties. And unlike other water filters, this one doesn’t run on any electricity, so you won’t have to worry about an inflated utility bill and can still have access to clean water during a power outage! Recommended for families, this water filter requires a change once a year with servicing on site.


Nothing comes close to the Special Filter’s capabilities:

• Biggest filtration capacity: 25,000 Liters

• BPA free

• Eliminates E-coliform Bacteria, Giardia Parasites, Chlorine, Pesticides, Solvent, Herbicides and Pharmaceuticals

• Removes heavy metals such as copper, lead, and zinc

• Creates alkaline water (pH 7.2 – 7.5) with high levels of dissolved oxygen

• Converts hard water to soft water rich in calcium and magnesium

• Produces natural sparkling water when temperature is below 20ºC

• Zero maintenance, waste water and electricity required

• Absolutely the best water for drinking, showering, coffee and tea




Omats Antibacterial Sanitizing Spray (H series) products are based on Omats nano composite liquid. This is an environmentally friendly water-based material called nano photocatalyst which is made with sol gel.


This item is a must-have for anyone requiring long-lasting protection against common germs and bacteria as well as virus. Our antibacterial sanitizing spray not only can be used to sanitize your hands, but the “nano composite” formula provides a germ shield that lasts on your skin and surfaces for hours. It can be used to sanitize surfaces, furniture and even surgical masks. Our formulation is alcohol-free, with antimicrobials titanium dioxide as its active ingredients. It’s odor-free, not sticky and, since it’s non-toxic and doesn’t irritate the skin, it’s suitable for use by people of any age.


Available in 30mL, 100mL, 1L and 10L packaging.


WATCH WATER provides aircon disinfection package and household disinfection package. Contact us for more information.

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Virol-Oxy is a stable blend of powdered hydrogen peroxide and crystalline titanium dioxide compounds for the safe and rapid disinfection of surfaces. Virol-Oxy has been proved to deactivate Covid-19 Coronavirus effectively.


Virol-Oxy is dissolved in normal water to provide an effective disinfectant with a strong pink colour. It is easy to use and safe for humans and the environment.

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