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Minerals such as calcium and magnesium build up to water hardness that causes scale deposit in the appliances. The cost of conventional water softening is low, but it adds up the sodium content in the water. The high amount of sodium content in drinking water affects our body health if we drink it every day.


The FILTERSORB SP3 water softening technology uses Nucleation Assisted Crystallization to transform hard calcite scale in the water into soft aragonite crystals to prevent the formation of scale and improve the taste of the water you drink.

FILTERSORB SP3 consists of tiny ceramic beads that are coated with two layers of negatively-charged silica. When the beads come into contact with water, they convert calcium bicarbonate – Ca(HCO3)2 – into harmless calcium carbonate crystals – CaCO3. The conversion process takes less than 3 seconds.


FILTERSORB SP3 doesn’t add up any sodium in the water like the conventional softener. It is a true replacement for the conventional sodium based water softeners, ion-exchange resins and other chemicals.


Revolutionary Scale Prevention Media

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